Celebrating Joy and Hope: Día Del Niño in Venezuela

Introducción En el corazón de Venezuela, se desarrolló un día lleno de risas, alegría y entusiasmo sin límites cuando 1.500 niños se reunieron para celebrar el “Día del Niño”. Este conmovedor evento reunió a la comunidad para difundir la felicidad y compartir el amor con la generación más joven. La presencia de la Presidenta Solange […]

Our big event

This past July, we celebrated Children’s Day in Venezuela. What began as a dream that God put in our hearts, ended up being a bigger victory than we expected. After months of prayer, planning and great effort we were able to honor more than 2800 children in each of their sectors. During the event we […]

A happy child, a world without violence

 Imagine a world without violence, what can be done to achieve it? In the year 2020, statistics showed that approximately more than 1 billion children were victims of physical, sexual, emotional or neglectful abuse and maltreatment. It has also been proven that violence suffered in childhood affects not only the health but also the well-being […]

Dining Room feeds more than 120 people on a daily basis

Malnutrition is a condition that results from eating a diet lacking in nutrients. Malnutrition in children is especially harmful. The damage to physical and cognitive development during the first two years of a child’s life is largely irreversible. Malnutrition also leads to poor school performance, which can result in future income reduction. Adults who were […]