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  • Establishing the Problem 🚨

    Venezuela is currently going through an economic and social crisis, where the most vulnerable to this situation are children, young people, and the elderly.

    Many families have disintegrated, mothers remain helpless, and children and elderly are abandoned due to the mass exodus in Venezuela. People without distinction of age, and families who have no possibility of buying food have to resort to garbage dumps in search of food waste in order to survive.

    In the face of adversity, it was impossible to remain indifferent and for this reason, touched by God’s mercy, we rose in the face of the crisis to bless, add and provide a helping hand to those most in need. Today, those who ate from the trash have a place to eat at The Children of the Sun Dining Room.

    We witness how some food, a simple word of encouragement, a hug, or a show of affection, can mark the story of a boy, a girl, or a young person for good. That is why we believe, and we have as our motto “a happy child, a world without violence”.

Foundation Children Of The Sun

The Purpose

The Children of the Sun Foundation is dedicated to delivering humanitarian aid, including food, clothing, footwear, and medicines, to children, young people, and older adults living in extreme need. We work hand in hand with evangelical Christian churches, pastors, and people of generous hearts who despite the crisis that Venezuela is going through, are striving alongside the Foundation to continue providing these benefits to people of extreme poverty. This team of volunteers is in charge of receiving, managing, and distributing meals and help in many different forms through the program called “Children of the Sun Dining Room” in the communities most affected by the crisis.

Foundation Children Of The Sun

Government proposals

We propose to transform actual jails or holding centers for adolescents and create Integrated Formation Centers for Adolescents with wrongful Conduct. Our program is based on the right of human beings to live in dignity and achieve development in harmony with their mental, physical, emotional and cognitive, ethical, and spiritual faculties. All this is possible in an environment where not only their rights with positive experiences, productive and rewarding on all orders of human endeavor are guaranteed. Also, are guaranteed processes that generate self-knowledge, and responsibility in the conduct of the own life, based on a healthy self-concept and healthy self-esteem in a warm environment of respect, solidarity, love, comfort, and creativity.

The transformation of current juvenile detentions into comprehensive training centers for adolescents with behavioral problems would be possible by establishing alliances with the different governmental entities and institutional coordinations, which allow the opening of greater possibilities of achieving social and belonging cohesion between individuals, building shared responsibilities.