On a sunny and hopeful day, the small town of San Mateo, Venezuela, dressed up to welcome five new children’s soup kitchens thanks to the Hijos Del Sol Foundation. This event, full of love and joy, marked a milestone in the tireless work that the foundation has done over the years to help the most vulnerable children in the community. The president of the foundation, Solange Motta, was present for this exciting opening that touched the hearts of hundreds of children and their families.


The Hijos Del Sol Foundation has been a shining light in San Mateo, providing meals, educational and emotional support to children in vulnerable situations. The opening of these five new soup kitchens means that even more children will receive the support they need to have a better future.


Opening day was magical. From early in the morning, you could feel the excitement in the air. The children arrived with smiles on their faces, eager to enjoy a day full of activities and delicious meals. The dining rooms, decorated with balloons and vibrant colors, became a refuge of happiness and hope.


The children enjoyed a variety of activities, from games with clowns to art performances. Laughter and joy filled the atmosphere, as the little ones immersed themselves in a world of fun and entertainment.


The food was not far behind. A team of talented volunteers prepared a feast of traditional Venezuelan dishes that delighted the palates of young and old. The food not only nourished their bodies, but it also nourished their souls.


The opening of these five soup kitchens represents an important step in the fight against child hunger in San Mateo. The Hijos Del Sol Foundation has shown once again that teamwork and love can make a difference in the lives of those most in need.


At the end of the day, Solange Motta shared a few words of gratitude: “Today, we saw the community come together in love and solidarity. This is just the beginning. We will work tirelessly to ensure that every child in San Mateo has the opportunity to grow, learn and dream. Together, we can achieve it.”


The event was a reminder that, even in difficult times, love and compassion can change lives. The Hijos Del Sol Foundation continues to be a light of hope in San Mateo, and its positive impact will last in the memory of this community for generations.