We have various ways you can serve,

  • Provide Food, Clothing & Medicines
  • Join our media team
  • Be our ambassador

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer with us

Your time and effort can bring the love and hope that will change a child’s future.

Helping Today

Making a difference for those who need it most.

  • We have various ways you can serve

    Attend our Dining Rooms to help: If you live in Venezuela, you can join one of our dining rooms and serve with us. We will train you step by step how to serve these communities best and help you see transformation in action.

    Join our media team: Would you like to use your talents for our media team, you can help us get the word out and lead others to help these efforts that are transforming lives.

    Be our ambassador: We need help getting the word out, and by being a voice in your local community, family, church and friends can help us bring awareness of these serious problems and lead more people to help. Your voice has the power to help open hundreds of dining rooms.

    Fill out the form below and let our team connect with you, your time can help transform the lives of these children who need it most.