• Provide Food, Clothing & Medicines
  • Bring Hope to communities in need
  • Share the gospel to those who need it most.

Fundation Children of the Sun

About the foundation

1 in 3 Venezuelans are food insecure and the medicine scarcity continues to grow, making it hard to survive for those who are most vulnerable.

For this reason, we deliver humanitarian aid (food, clothing, footwear, and medicines) to children who live in extreme poverty.

Through self sustained canteens that provide everything needed to feed over 150 people daily per location over 4,200 people are fed weekly. .

We work hand in hand with evangelical Christian churches, pastors, and people of generous hearts who despite the crisis that Venezuela is going through, are working alongside the Foundation to provide these benefits to people of extreme poverty.

For $1,200 we can build a whole self-sustained canteen that can provide food, medicine, clothing, prayer and more to children in communities of extreme poverty. .

Each self sustained canteen has the below items and more.

Just $1,200 provides a permanent self sustained location with food for 150 children per day

Helping Today

How it works

  • ✔ 1. Your donation brings food, supplies and volunteers to help create dining rooms in communities of extreme poverty, to distribute over 500 meals on a weekly basis. .

    ✔ 2. Our team trains volunteers and leaders to not only deliver all the equipment and food to these communities, but also build self sustainable efforts that help grow food in those areas and therefore guarantee the longevity and consistency of these Dining Rooms.

    ✔ 3. We work with local churches that not only help us serve but also pray for those who attend our dining room and share the good news of Jesus Christ with them.

How you can change someone’s life

You do not have to do much to change someone's life.

A simple monthly donation can touch the hearts of hundreds of children who have no one to care for them, building them a world with hope and life for a better future. Together we will build more Dining Rooms and make a difference for those who need it most.

2003 Miami
2004 Dominican Republic
2006 Puerto Rico
2009 Venezuela
2014 Human Rights Global Congress